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Fighting A Traffic Ticket? It May Be Worth Hiring An Attorney.

Traffic offenses may seem minor, but the consequences can add up. Both criminal and minor traffic violation convictions have the potential to radically increase the price of your insurance premiums. Both types of convictions may result in penalties, fees and other serious consequences.

In fact, if you have multiple minor infractions, it can result in a suspended license. Criminal traffic violations may even result in prison. To protect yourself and your license, contact Martin Law Offices, PLLC.

Receive A Traffic Citation In Minneapolis?

Logistically speaking, it is easier to pay a ticket rather than contest it. But paying a ticket is like entering a guilty plea! Don’t pay your ticket, fight it! It is critical that you know your rights with regard to traffic violations. If you’ve received a citation for a traffic violation, please don’t hesitate to contact the firm. Attorney Matthew Martin will be happy to review the situation and make sure that everything is correct before you surrender to the fines.

Some common traffic violations include:

  • Excessive speeding

  • Hit and run

  • Driving after suspension (DAS)

  • Driving after cancellation (DAC)

  • Driving after revocation (DAR)

  • No proof of insurance

  • Careless driving

  • Reckless driving

  • Driving while impaired

  • Failure to provide a driver’s license

  • Boating while impaired

  • Operating an ATV While Impaired

  • Failure to stop for a school bus

It is important to note that getting a citation and not getting arrested does not mean that the matter is any less serious. Traffic violation penalties range depending upon the charges and may include jail time, loss of driving privileges, vehicle seizure, and expensive fines and conditions. In addition, you may also incur driver’s license reinstatement fees, court fees and surcharges, costly mandatory assessments and classes, increased insurance premiums and inconvenient court hearings. You may also lose your insurance coverage or jeopardize your employment status.

Learn About Your Options – Call Today

Martin Law Offices, PLLC, is committed to defending you against the charges you are facing and to helping you pursue a favorable outcome for any traffic violation in Minnesota. To learn how Matthew Martin can help you, contact the firm online or call 612-381-0303.

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