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Skilled Defense Against Internet Crime Charges

With so much of our time being spent on the internet, it is not surprising that instances of internet crime have begun to steadily increase in recent years. But what exactly is an internet crime?

Any criminal activity that is conducted through the use of a computer or electronic device could be considered an internet crime. This would include illegal sexual activity being conducted online, verbal assault or directing threats through an online source, identity theft and/or fraudulent activity, and even cyber bullying.

Law Enforcement Targeting Internet Sex Crimes

Online sex crimes are some of the most heavily prosecuted offenses defense attorneys see. Internet sex crime is an umbrella term that encompasses several different types of offenses. Any illegal sexual activity that is conducted through an online source, regardless of whether or not any physical contact was ever made, is still considered a criminal offense. Examples of offenses include:

  • Possessing and/or distributing child pornography

  • Exchanging explicit material with a minor over the internet and/or engaging in illicit conversation with a minor through an online source

  • Sexual solicitation and/or conducting human trafficking via the internet

Potential consequences of an internet sex crime conviction are:

  • Sentencing to time in prison or jail

  • Mandatory registration in a sex offender database

  • Required payment of criminal fines

  • Future stigma of being labeled as a sexual predator

Online Identity Theft And Fraudulent Activity

Now more than ever, our commerce is conducted online. And because many websites lack sophisticated security measures, it is relatively easy to steal financial information like credit card and bank account numbers, Social Security numbers and personal data. But even though these crimes can be easy to commit, those who get caught face severe punishment. Examples of online fraud offense include:

  • Identity theft

  • Credit card fraud

  • Investment fraud

  • Business fraud/white collar crimes

The line between legitimate online activities and fraud can be thinner than most people realize. If you find yourself facing charges, please contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Don’t Wait To Seek Legal Help

With experience in defending internet crime charges as well as several other areas of criminal defense, Matthew T. Martin, the founder of Martin Law Offices, PLLC, is prepared to fight for your rights. The penalties of an internet crime conviction can often be severe, including time in jail and required payment of hefty fines, so do not hesitate to seek representation immediately. To discuss your charges in a free consultation, call the firm at 612-381-0303 or fill out this online contact form.

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