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The Basics Of Fourth-Degree DWI Charges

Minnesota laws treat drunk driving as a serious crime, with charges and consequences escalating with the alleged level of intoxication and any aggravating factors. But even “minor” DWI offenses can be highly consequential, which is why you need to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney when facing any drunk-driving allegations. In Minneapolis and surrounding areas, the firm to call is Martin Law Offices, PLLC.

Understanding Your Charges

When a DWI incident occurs with no aggravating factors involved, the individual is charged with what is called a fourth-degree DWI. Classified as a misdemeanor, it is punished by up to a $1,000 fine and often up to 90 days in jail. This would have to be the first offense for such an individual. Someone who was charged with the offense of a fourth-degree DWI would have to have agreed to comply with chemical testing and had a result of less than a 0.2% blood alcohol content (BAC). In addition to the fine and/or jail time, a person may be subject to probation and alcohol counseling.

Retaining a skilled and dedicated lawyer to represent you is the best choice you can make when facing these charges. Attorney Matthew Martin will be able to evaluate the evidence against you and find the best defense opportunities to exploit on your behalf.

Get Started With A Free Case Evaluation

Martin Law Offices, PLLC, offers an aggressive approach to defending all types of DWI charges, including fourth-degree DWI. Attorney Martin will examine the police report and identify any failures to follow correct testing procedures, problems with arrest procedures or potential rights violations. He will then work with you to dismiss or minimize the consequences of your DWI case.

To learn more and take advantage of a free case evaluation, call the Minneapolis office at 
612-381-0303 or send an email.

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