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Accessible, Responsive And Timely Legal Representation

Smart, Strategic Defense Against Felony DWI Charges

In Minnesota, if your blood alcohol content is at least 0.08 percent, you can be arrested for driving while impaired (DWI). If you have already received three DWIs, or a person was seriously injured as a result of you driving while impaired, you may be charged with a felony DWI. This is an extremely serious charge and there are severe penalties if you’re convicted, including up to seven years in prison. As such, it’s critical to immediately contact an experienced DWI lawyer.

Martin Law Offices, PLLC, provides a free initial consultation in order to learn the specifics of your situation. Attorney Martin is thoroughly familiar with the Minnesota criminal justice system and will work relentlessly to defend you against the charges. He will be available to you any time of day or night, and he will keep you informed so you understand every aspect of your case as it progresses through the system.

What Are The Consequences Of Felony DWI?

A felony DWI conviction carries multiple legal ramifications, including:

  • A sentence of three to seven years in prison, though additional time may be added on if you have prior criminal convictions

  • No early release from prison, unless you successfully complete an approved treatment program

  • Following being released from prison, automatic placement on conditional release for five years; potential imprisonment if any conditions of release are violated

  • A fine of up to $14,000

  • Your driver’s license suspended or revoked

  • Having to forfeit your vehicle

  • Vehicular homicide charges if a person or unborn child was killed as a result of you driving while impaired

Rely On Attorney Martin’s Legal Skills And Experience

Attorney Martin is committed to providing you with the best defense possible and will aggressively attack the prosecution’s case, as well as help ensure your rights are protected. Recognizing that getting arrested and being charged with a crime can be extremely unsettling, he will remain in contact with you throughout the entire process and will help you understand all of your legal options.

To discuss your rights and options, contact the firm online or call 612-381-0303.

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