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Minneapolis DWI Lawyer Discusses Ride Services to Lessen Drunk Driving

As the winter holiday season approaches, many revelers may drink more—at office parties or at private ones—than they usually do. The heightened drinking level may, in turn, lead to more traffic accidents, especially combined with darkness and snow or ice. During the period stretching between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, more than 1,000 people are killed in car crashes involving alcohol each year. Alcohol impairment accounts for almost one-third of traffic fatalities annually.

In an effort to make the holiday season safer, for the past several years, more and more businesses and community organizations nationwide have supported the “sober ride” trend, in which a service can be called to drive the person home in their own vehicle. The idea is that, while people might be hesitant to call a taxi and leave their own car behind, they will be more inclined to do so if it means their own car is in the driveway the next morning. Also, the “sober ride” concept works both for those who want to approach parties and not worry about driving and those who realize when walking to their car that they are not in shape to drive.

While many communities offer services only during the holiday period (day before Thanksgiving, one of the busiest days, to the first of January), the Twin Cities is home to several “sober ride” companies that operate every day of the year. Among them is Sobercar. They can be called any day of the year, any time of day. They will check your driver’s license, registration, and insurance, and then drive you home. Another, a nonprofit, is Alpine Cab. Prior registration is usually required to use this service. They also require a license, registration, and insurance.

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