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Minneapolis DWI Attorney Wishes to Remind Revelers of Recent Changes

The holidays are obviously meant to be a festive time but for Minnesota’s revelers, celebrations should also be tempered with a great deal of caution. Why the increase in caution? Earlier this year, changes were made to the state’s DWI/DUI laws that could very well catch holiday celebrants unaware. The Star Tribune briefly covered the turn of events back in June, but given the timing, some residents may have missed the news.

Of course Minneapolis DWI attorneys weren’t among the missing. They immediately took note of the changes as well as the materials released shortly thereafter by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and Office of the Revisor of Statutes. The materials detail the changes made to Minnesota Statutes listed in Chapter 169A. What do those changes mean overall? Essentially, people with BAC levels in excess of the revised limits may find themselves in greater legal trouble than ever before.

For example, having as little as one glass of wine before driving could cost some residents their freedom and driving privileges not to mention fines that total in the thousands. The quantity involved all depends on how the driver’s body processes his or her drink of choice. And of course that may vary wildly. So revelers who choose to drive should keep that and several additional things in mind.

What do Minneapolis DWI attorneys generally recommend in that regard? In our experience, motorists should remain courteous but request a lawyer and remain silent until legal counsel is obtained. As a matter of fact, the only other information that should be released prior to receiving counsel is valid proof of one’s auto insurance coverage and his or her right to drive. To learn more about how to protect oneself from DUI/DWI charges this holiday season, please contact Martin Law Offices today.

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