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Minneapolis DWI Attorney: Making the right to remain silent work for you

Minneapolis DWI Attorney would like to remind every citizen of his or her right to remain silent when being detained or confronted by the police.  

After watching years of crime shows most of us can recite our Miranda Rights from memory.  It is generally one of the first things the arresting officer says as he or she puts on the handcuffs.  ‘You are being arrested for…… have the right to remain silent….’ and you know the rest.

What most people don’t understand is they still have the right to remain silent even though they have not been officially arrested.  Keep in mind the police officer who stopped you can quickly turn into your judge, jury and executioner.  Don’t give him any more ammunition.  

The arresting officer may tell you anything to get you to talk.  They may say things like, “We won’t press any charges if you just talk to us.”  News flash, cops don’t press charges the attorneys assigned to the case have that responsibility.  Many times the officers are either taking notes or recording what you say.  If they are taking notes they may leave significant information out or misconstrue what you have said.  

The most important reason for staying silent is that most arrests are emotionally charged.  Adrenaline is high, tempers are hot and it is during these situations you may say something you don’t mean or blurt out some incriminating information.

A judge cannot convict you with something you didn’t say. The police cannot take you to jail concerning what you didn’t say.  When confronted with the possibility of an arrest, silence is your ally.  

If you are ever facing an arrest there are two things to remember. First keep quiet and secondly contact us.  We can help.

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