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Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer — Why You Need a Good Lawyer

In headline after headline, we read about police brutality, racial tensions between African-American defendants and white police officers. A Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer is a person who defends people accused of crimes whether they are guilty or not. Headlines or not, everyday people are arrested. Some are innocent, and others are guilty, but the job of a criminal defense lawyer remains the same — To protect and defend their client from criminal charges through legal argument. Criminal Allegations

We read about or watch on the news the criminal allegations that people get charged with every day. Drug possession, domestic violence, murder, sexual misconduct, child pornography and a whole list of other cases that criminal defense lawyers accept.

The Legal Words

Indictment, acquittal, felony, life in prison, guilty, jury deliberation are just some of the words that we use to tell these stories. Sadly, there are real life consequences for people accused of a crime. We are innocent until proven guilty, but the press today can ruin an innocent person’s life before a trial even begins.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty — not always

Family members, employers and co-workers, people who do not even know you will judge you and pronounce your guilt. Sometimes there is nobody else but your criminal defense lawyer to stand by your side. Even if you are guilty, a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer will fight for your interests. You may not escape the law, but there is no reason you should face the full force of the law.

In cases where people are guilty, a criminal defense lawyer helps to make sure that sentences are fair. If needed they handle appeals and continue to fight for your rights.

Even the most heinous criminal has the right to representation. Most people charged with crimes are not heinous criminals. They are merely people who made a mistake. Sometimes, people are innocent and just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Innocent or guilty contact us. We are here to help you state your case so that a judge or jury can find the truth.

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