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Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney On Marijuana and Driving

Many states are evolving their stances when it comes to marijuana,  and medical marijuana legislation was accepted in Minnesota fairly recently. However, Minnesota residents could still face legal trouble when caught with this drug. Possessing enough marijuana could result in a felony charge while  getting in an accident while under the influence of cannabis might lead to jail time. To see why there are still some worries about this drug, we can look at how it influences the brain.

How Marijuana Works

Chemicals in marijuana are similar to those in the body that work in the nervous system, and the THC in cannabis can attach to the chemicals like it to disrupt processes in the brain. This affects things like coordination, pleasure, concentration, memory and movement.  The impaired thinking caused by marijuana can make activities like driving a car more difficult. Compared to motorists who have no alcohol or drugs in their systems, those with higher levels of THC in their blood are three to seven times more likely to be responsible for an accident.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

While driving under the influence of marijuana is dangerous, this drug could be detected in the body weeks after consumption, which means it may be found in one’s system long after the effects have worn off. This is one of many reasons why those accused of causing an accident in Minneapolis because of marijuana might need a criminal defense attorney. An attorney may look at other factors involved in the crash like road conditions and the behavior of others. For example, another driver might be responsible if he or she was speeding or talking on a cell phone.

A criminal defense attorney could be able to help you with many situations involving drug charges in Minneapolis. Contact us today so that we can learn about your case and figure out the best way to proceed.


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