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Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Recent News

There has been some recent news unfolding in Minneapolis. The Washington Post recently reported that a police sergeant in St. Paul has been suspended for instigating violence online. On the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday he appealed to the public to run over “Black Lives Matter” participants in the Peace March. The officer reportedly took to Facebook with his comment. On Saturday, a community activist noticed this activity and quickly filed a complaint.

The Police Department of St. Paul have not positively identified the man in question. The union attorney informed The Star Tribune that he has representation. His social media account has been disabled. It is unknown what consequences will result from his remarks. St Paul Mayor, Chris Coleman also expresses his disgust over the matter and urged the police to get involved. Indications that the highest punishment under law will be served.

The second piece of news is that Steven Avery’s defense attorney Dean Strang sat down for a forum to chat. This event held at Sisyphus Brewing was a success. He explained the implications of the groundbreaking series “Making of A Murderer”on Netflix. Strang appeared on the show and commented about the lack of humility in the legislative system. The lawyer is regarded as highly empathic to the cause. As you may know, his client was wrongfully convicted of rape and incarcerated for 18 years. It is speculated he was framed by the police for another crime of murder. Fans of the show were moved to make a petition “We the People” hoping to grant a presidential pardon. The White House responded to the 130,000 signatures that were gathered. Avery was prosecuted in state court and this is the reason the Obama administration cannot pardon him.

This news reflects the need for a Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney.

If you need legal defense contact us.

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