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Let an Experienced Minneapolis DWI Attorney Formulate Your Defense

If you’ve been charged with DWI, you may be wondering how you can defend yourself. There are a variety of different ways that someone accused of DWI can build their defense, and talking with an experienced Minneapolis DWI attorney is just the beginning.

There are a few questions you may be asking yourself: What type of defense can you build? After all, the police have their evidence, and you may feel that everything is on their side, so is there anything else you could possibly do? You may even consider pleading guilty, figuring the prosecution had a solid case against you.

There are a few ways your attorney can challenge the prosecution’s case. One common defense tactic is challenging the way the prosecution or police are handling your case. This can be done by challenging the accuracy of the breathalyzer test or the way the test was administered. Your attorney can also challenge the field sobriety test or blood test, and even challenge the chain of custody of your blood sample.

Your defense attorney could easily make the case that you had a rising blood alcohol level, which means at the time of your arrest you were under the legal limit, but by the time you were tested, the BAC rose above the legal limitations.

There are also a few unique circumstances that may force someone to drive while under the influence of alcohol, such as an emergency that you had to attend to. By contacting us and hiring experience in DWI cases, you can let your attorney worry about your defense.

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