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Here Is What You Need To Know If You Have Been Accused Of Sex Crimes In Minnesota

If you live in Minnesota and you or a member of your family is facing sex crimes (aka: Criminal Sexual Conduct, Possession of Child Pornography, Rape, Sexual Misconduct) charges, it is imperative that you get a basic understanding of Minnesota Sex Crimes laws. This content is designed to help you get a basic overview regarding the common Sex Crimes regulations in Minnesota.

Firstly, a defendant in a Sex Crime investigation in the state of Minnesota has to find a qualified criminal defense lawyer who knows and understands the state’s laws as well as how they will help your case. A qualified Minnesota criminal defense lawyer will ensure you understand all the charges you face. He or she will make sure your rights are fully protected. You will receive the best resolution possible for your criminal sex crime case if you work with an attorney. Remember, the first consultation is often without charge.

Understanding Your Case And Arranging Your Defense

In order to reduce the likelihood that the prosecution will charge you for a sex crime and, if you are eventually charged, to mitigate the issue from working against you (including preventing you from making self-incriminating statements when the investigation is ongoing) thus ensuring that you are placed in a better position to actually fight the sex crime allegations. A professional criminal defense attorney will help you do this by employing a range of tactics including:

Enforcing your Constitutional Rights According to State Law

You are not under any obligation to speak to law enforcement officials if they request that you present a statement. Your defense attorney will let you know how to move forward.

Contacting The Police

Contacting the detective investigating the case and advising him or her to direct all contact with you through your criminal defense attorney will be the duty of your attorney. You can refuse to speak with police or an investigator except through your attorney.

Assisting With The Investigation

Your criminal defense lawyer will help you with the investigation. He or she will make sure that the state investigates the facts or legal basis accordingly. The investigation may even require retaining a private investigator to work for your benefit. Depending on the outcome of the inquiry, your lawyer may have to be given information so that he or she can present sufficient information that demonstrates your innocence.

Risk Assessment

Your attorney will help you schedule a risk-assessment confidentially. The results of the exam wouldn’t be revealed to the investigator or prosecution unless it is to your own benefit. This may help exonerate you as the target of the investigation.

Final Words

Demand the presence of a Minnesota criminal defense attorney whenever you are speaking with state officials. Alternatively, demand that your attorney speaks on your behalf.

If you fail to retain pre-charge with an attorney the police will continue contacting you. Law enforcement officers will claim they have only a few questions to explain things or say something that can make you let your guard down.

If you are questioned as part of a sex crime investigation, and you are beginning to get worried about what’s happening, you will probably need a criminal defense attorney. The law enforcement officials or police are highly trained professionals and have the guidance from the prosecution. So, why should you not get a professional defense attorney to help defend you?

There are some occasions when the pre-charge representation of a defense attorney has resulted in convincing state officials or prosecution to discontinue their decision to file charges against people accused of sex crimes. It is paramount that you get an experienced Minnesota criminal defense lawyer for pre-charge representation to fight aggressively in your defense.  For more information contact Martin Law Offices.

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