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Get the Best Defense: What to Know Before Contacting a Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense charges can be a scary experience, and they can happen to anyone. All it takes is being in the wrong place at the wrong to get caught up in a criminal case. There are a number of criminal charges that can be placed on a person in the state of Minnesota, including:

  • Traffic Violations

  • Theft

  • Drug Crimes

  • Violent Crimes

Fortunately, if you have been accused of any of these or other criminal behavior, a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer can help. In order to get the best defense possible, it is important to choose an attorney with experience, knowledge of the legal system, and a trustworthy persona. When looking for the right attorney, there are a number of things to remember.

1. Do not speak to police about the case. Although you may want to seem cooperate towards the police and answer all of their questions, you are under no obligation to do so. Speaking about the case before hiring a lawyer may only give the police evidence to use against you.

2. Do your research. It is important to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible to avoid incriminating yourself in any way. However, you also want to find a lawyer that will work with you in a beneficial way and create a solid defense. Cheap isn’t always better in this case – an experienced attorney knows how to defend even the most difficult cases. Look at an attorney’s education and career history before making a decision.

3. Talk to an attorney about your needs as a client. Before deciding to work with an attorney, it is important to come to an understanding about how the process is going to work. Do you want to be more or less involved? Some people like to be updated on their case every day, while others want to leave the work to their attorneys. Discuss this with your potential attorney to make sure you will be comfortable with how the case proceeds.

4. Understand the cost and what you are paying for. Ask an attorney about their fees and what that money is going towards. It is always better to be prepared about what expenses will be coming your way. Ask your potential attorney about their payment arrangements. Is it a flat fee or an hourly rate? Knowing this beforehand will help you avoid any surprises about pricing.

Once you’ve taken these steps and discussed your case with an attorney, you can move forward with the process with more ease. Hiring a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer can help make your case less stressful and give you the chance to successfully refute any charges made against you. Contact us today to find out more about how we can build a strong defense against your case.

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