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Searching for a criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis? If you are facing criminal charges, what actions you take after your arrest can have a significant impact on how the case resolves – will you be free of the burden of the charge, or spend time in jail or prison? The lead attorney from the Martin Law Offices will move fast if you have been charged or are under investigation. This premier criminal defense firm has a reputation for the highest quality defense against criminal traffic violations, violent crimes, DWI’s, and other types of dangerous misdemeanor and felony charges. Attorney Matthew Martin is an experienced trial litigator with sharp negotiation skills and he has successfully defended against both misdemeanor and felony crimes in Minnesota. In fact, he was recently voted as one the 2013 Top Contributors for DUI by Avvo for his exceptional DUI defense. Past clients can attest to his high professional capabilities and to his dedication.

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Reasons Why We Should be Your First Call

  • Attorney Matthew Martin has a track record of successful verdicts and settlements
  • Mr. Martin has been voted 2013 Top Contributor for DUI by Avvo
  • Matthew Martin is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • Our lead Attorney is a member of the Hennepin County, Ramsey County and Minnesota bar association
  • Our firm offers a free initial consultation so you can discuss your case without any financial obligation

If you are facing felony charges of assault, drunk driving, or a violent crime, then you should not leave your future to chance. The prosecution has harsh and unforgiving penalties for convicted offenders. Without a hard-hitting criminal defense attorney, your chances of beating out your charges are grim. It is important to remember that a solid defense begins now and not in the courtroom. That is why your first step should be consulting with a seasoned Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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Assertive Advocates in Your time of Need

In any defense case, the first critical step is to evaluate the evidence against you and identify the elements of the case that are open to challenge. There are many cases that are reviewed by the attorney in which there have been violations of rights, failures of law enforcement to correctly follow procedure, or problems with the lab results or chain of custody of the evidence. The firm will do a painstaking analysis to determine the best options to defend against the charges your face.

The firm defends all types of criminal charges, including:


Domestic Violence

Drug Crimes

Federal Crimes

Internet Crimes

Juvenile Crimes

Probation Violations

Sex Crimes

Traffic Violations

Theft Crimes

Violent Crimes

Weapon Crimes

White Collar Crimes



With experienced legal counsel, it is frequently possible to beat the charge or have it reduced and avoid the severe penalties of a conviction.



Previous Criminal Verdicts & Settlements

At Martin Law Offices, you receive top-notch criminal representation against both misdemeanor and felony crimes. The legal team at the firm takes on austere criminal cases on a daily basis and they know what it takes to achieve a dismissal or reduction of your charges. No matter how convicting the evidence may seem, the firm stands ready to take on your case. Read about some criminal cases that we have done lately:

  • Not Guilty– Felony Strangulation that is punishable for up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.
  • Suspend Prosecution with Conditional Dismissal- Felony drug possession that is punishable for up to 5 years in prison as well as a fine up to $10,000.
  • Charges Reduced– Felony Damage to property and misdemeanor assault which is punishable for up to 5 years in prison and a fine of $10,000. The felony charges were dropped and amended to a gross misdemeanor offense.
  • Charges Dismissed- Misdemeanor domestic assault which can lead to a $1,000 fine and 90 days in jail.
  • Charges Dismissed- Misdemeanor reckless driving which can lead to 90 days in jail and a fine up to $1,000.

The Aggressive Defense You Need & Deserve

Are you looking for a criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis? The firm is prepared to help guide you through all criminal legal proceedings. We understand that legal issues are often personal and sensitive in nature, and the attorney is committed to being friendly, understanding and professional at all times while working on your case. Don’t go up against the legal system without the counsel you need. Whatever crime you’re accused of, the firm can help you form a formidable defense.

As your attorney, Martin will remain accessible, responsive and timely in retuning your calls. From the initial consultation through the resolution of your case, you will remain informed and abreast of every development in your case. Throughout the legal process, you may have questions or concerns about the direction of your case. The Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer will take the time to explore all of your options and alternatives, including any risks that may accompany a decision. You can trust that throughout your case, you will have the legal support of an advocate dedicated to the outcome of your case.

DWI Defense Lawyer in Minneapolis

Those who are facing DWI/DUI charges and the DWI penalties imposed under state law can get the defense counsel necessary to aggressively defend against the charges. The attorney will defend against all types of DUI charges, including:

Familiar with challenging evidence in DWI charges including field sobriety tests and blood alcohol testing, Attorney Martin can evaluate your case and the how to aggressively defend you, including matters concerning license suspension.

Are you searching for a criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis?

When it comes to your freedom and your fate, don’t take any chances or settle for second best. Your choice of legal representation could make all the difference! With a hard-hitting attorney from the firm you will significantly improve your chances of success against your charges. Facing a criminal conviction is extremely frightening and if you are under investigation then it is imperative that you obtain qualified legal representation as soon as possible. Schedule your free case evaluation today by calling 612-381-0303 or visit the office.

Need a lawyer for your criminal case in Minneapolis, MN? Time is of the essence, so contact a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer from the firm at once if you are facing criminal charges.

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