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Theft Crimes in Minneapolis

shutterstock_27349960[2]Searching for a lawyer for a theft case in Minneapolis? An arrest for theft, like fraud or shoplifting, is not only embarrassing but serious. A conviction can result in fines, jail, a criminal record, loss of employment, and can even affect immigration. It is important to contact a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer from Martin Law Offices immediately.

The attorney will move forward at once with defense actions to help you to fight the charges. The early involvement of the firm is often productive in helping avoid conviction, or in finding alternatives, negotiating a reduced charge or getting the case dismissed altogether.

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Theft Crime Defense Attorney in Minneapolis

Need a lawyer for a theft case in Minneapolis? A conviction of fraud, robbery, burglary or shoplifting or other theft crime in the state of Minnesota will impact your life and have permanent negative consequences. If convicted, you could be sentenced to prison, enormous fines, and a long probation. You could also be ordered to pay restitution. A felony, gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor criminal level theft or fraud charge demands that immediate action is taken by a skilled lawyer from the firm.

A suspected shoplifter is usually contacted and detained by store security after being observed taking merchandise from the merchant without paying for it. What consequences could you face if convicted? The answer depends on what steps are taken by the accused individual immediately after the event. If you get proactive and seek the assistance of a theft crime defense lawyer from the firm, it may be possible to avoid charges altogether – if you move quickly. The attorney from the firm will work towards obtaining a disposition that, in many cases, does not result in a criminal conviction.

Looking for an attorney for theft crimes in Minneapolis?

Unfortunately, many people try to save the money they’d spend on a lawyer and go to court and plead “no contest” for probation. The long term consequences of this decision far outweigh any money saved. In the current job market with multiple candidates applying for each position, employers are doing exhaustive criminal records checks on prospective employees. Most consider a shoplifting conviction to be a serious act of dishonesty, and will hire someone who has a clean criminal record. It is crucial to your future that you to take action to defend against any theft charges without delay. Contact my Minneapolis firm today to schedule your free initial consultation.