Minneapolis Internet Sex Crime Attorney

Criminal Internet Sex Crimes: Cyber stalking, Possession of Child Pornography

There are a wide range of sex crimes which are committed using the internet. These internet sex crimes are very serious and considered to be felony charges. Local, state and federal law enforcement teams often have investigations going to catch individuals who use the internet to download child pornography, solicit sex or for other lewd purposes. When an individual is arrested and charged with an internet sex crime, they are usually sentenced to time in prison and often required to pay fines of up to $100,000 in some instances. These sentences are harsh, as these crimes are in no way taken lightly. Some of the specific crimes are as follows:

  • Transmitting sexual images to minors
  • Receiving sexual images from minors
  • Luring a minor for a sexual purpose
  • Child pornography

Criminal Sex Crime Defense Lawyer and Internet Sex Crimes

Need a lawyer for internet sex crimes in Minneapolis, MN? Since these charges are very serious it is crucial that you have a defense lawyer with experience and resources to call upon to support the case for the defense, including computer experts and others that could bring forward evidence leading to a “not guilty” verdict. A Minneapolis criminal defense attorney from the firm is prepared to evaluate your case and determine what can be done to find the best defense possible.

In a conviction, it is likely that part of the penalty will be to register as a predatory sex offender. This is a requirement for someone who is convicted of a sex crime of any sort, and in the case of an internet sex crime. There can be a penalty if one fails to register their name and information. Anyone who goes online and checks can find your photograph, name, address and information. Even when you move to another state, this information has to be updated. Your reputation would be destroyed and you would lose the ability to work in any job or live in any environment that involved children, such as a school or near a playground.

Looking for an attorney for an internet sex crime case in Minneapolis?

Martin Law Offices is dedicated to defending those faced with criminal charges, including internet sex crimes. The attorney at the firm is dedicated to providing superlative legal care and aggressively protecting his clients’ rights. His goal is to ensure each person gets a fair trial and that all the evidence against one was obtained legally and without violating an individual’s right. It is very important that you retain legal representation before you speak to any law enforcement personnel or investigator.

If you are under investigation or facing charges for internet sex crimes, contact a Minneapolis sex crime attorney at the firm right away!