Minneapolis Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Charged with drug sales in Minneapolis?

Minnesota’s law enforcement agencies fight daily against the sale and use of illegal drugs in Minnesota, along with gang violence and other drug related activities. The Minnesota National Guard has partnered with law enforcement officials in their fight to eradicate illicit drug sales and use. If you are faced with an illicit drug sales charge you need legal representation that is aggressive and creative with regard to defending those accused of trafficking or drug sales. Need a lawyer for drug sales in Minneapolis? Attorney Martin, from Martin Law Offices is the legal counsel to call upon to defend you against charges of selling controlled substances.

Sales of Controlled Substances: Serious Penalties

Penalties and fines for Illicit drug sales in Minnesota range widely depending on:

  • The degree of the controlled substance involved (marijuana, prescription drugs, cocaine, narcotics, hallucinogens, club drugs, barbiturates or others)
  • The quantity (kilos, grams, doses)
  • The individual’s past criminal record
  • Whether the drug sale took place near a park, school zone, or drug treatment facility
  • Whether it is considered a First, Second, Third, or Fourth Degree
  • Is it a felony or misdemeanor?

Penalties for Drug Sales in Minnesota

There are a myriad of important details involved in a case involving drug sales in Minnesota. Federal Laws come into play as well as State Laws. Fines and penalties can range from zero fines and zero jail time up to $1 million dollar fines and 30+ years jail time. Why wouldn’t you obtain the highest quality defense when faced with such drastic drug sale fines and penalties?

Searching for an attorney for drug sales in Minneapolis, MN?

A Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer from the firm has extensive criminal defense experience to insure that you are represented fairly. He will use knowledge, skill, and tact when presenting your case in the courtroom and aggressively fight for your rights. Everyone deserves the best possible legal representation. The firm provides drug crime defense at its highest professional level. Call the Martin Law Offices today to set up your free initial consultation.