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Do I Really Need a Minneapolis DWI Lawyer to Cut a Plea Deal?

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2015 | Firm News |

Most of us can remember seeing, at some point in our lives, at least one or two comedies on the “big screen,” where a down-on- their luck man or woman manages to “beat” the system. Through hard work and the sheer force of their determination and charisma, they seemingly become an overnight expert on crime and the law after reading a few books in the local college library and manage to win their case without having a lawyer represent them in court. Some folks might even personally know or have heard of someone who represented themselves in court and received a successful outcome.

How Criminal Trial Attorneys Help Defendants with a DWI Charge

Due to the popularity of urban legends like these, many defendants become upset if their charges are not automatically dropped when they hire a lawyer. These second-hand stories are often completely fabricated or at least based in part on incomplete or inaccurate information, but they understandably leave many folks wondering if they truly need a Minneapolis DWI Lawyer to avoid conviction or possibly cut a plea deal and receive a lighter sentence when they’ve been arrested for driving under the influence.

It’s true that most prosecutors will be quite eager to discuss your criminal case with you, without a lawyer present, so that you are given ample opportunity to provide evidence against yourself and make it easier for them to win the case against you. This makes it technically true that you don’t have to have a lawyer represent you in court or to “cut” a plea deal.

However, if you want to ensure that you’ve taken every precaution to avoid a conviction for a crime that will probably have a significant impact on your daily life and reputation long after you walk out of the courtroom, you really should be careful about going into court, or talking to anyone, without first speaking with an experienced criminal lawyer. 

This is because that the manner in which your trial proceeds and the steps that your trial judge will take to decide your case does not rely solely on a strict interpretation of the actual statute of law under which you are charged. The actual evidence against you, as well as the precedents established by prior cases that are similar to yours, will also factor heavily into whether or not the prosecution will be open to a plea bargain, as well as how the judge will ultimately rule in your specific case.

In general, some defendants may be eligible for plea bargains that involve pleading guilty to lesser charges than a DUI, or may be able to plead guilty to one charge to get another charge dropped. Other times some prosecutors are open to deals that allow the defendant to plead guilty but avoid serving actual jail time.

While these types of pleas might be viewed as a successful outcome by some defendants, there are times when the law, evidence and case precedent may allow someone charged with a DUI or DWI to avoid a conviction entirely. Since DUI and DWI are criminal convictions that can damage your reputation and impact your ability to secure employment and housing, why not first consult with an expert in criminal law and learn your rights and obligations under the law before you speak with a prosecutor or judge?

If you’ve recently been arrested for a DWI or DUI, contact us first and take advantage of the insight and knowledge that only an experienced Minnesota criminal trial lawyer can provide.