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Winona Bus Driver Must Respond Vigorously To DWI Charges

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2014 | Firm News |

A DWI conviction carries with it legal ramifications, of course, but also potential personal and professional consequences. A DWI may have an untold negative impact on your relationships, your job and your quality of life in general. This is yet another reason to arrange a thorough defense for yourself against any drunk-driving charges.

What makes this a topical observation is a story we read recently in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. That article concerned a 54-year-old school bus driver from Winona was recently accused of driving while intoxicated. As a Minneapolis DWI lawyer, stories like this are of interest to me, and I think this one will be of interest to my readers as well.

According to the Pioneer Press, the Rollingstone, Minn., man was driving a school bus on Tuesday, Jan. 28, when he lost control of the bus and crashed into ditch. There were five children on board at the time of the crush, but none of them were injured. The bus driver was not seriously hurt, either.

Police alleged that the man’s blood-alcohol content was tested shortly after the crash and was registered at 0.09, which is just a hair over the legal limit of 0.08. As such, the man has now been charged with DWI.

The superintended for Lewiston-Altura public schools told the Winona Daily News, though, that the school district has a “zero tolerance” policy for bus drivers. In other words, this man is very much at risk for facing job-related consequences.

As you can imagine, this man would do well to retain an attorney. Having professional help will be a boon to him, not only as he fights the DWI charges but as he deals with potential fallout at work, too.

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