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Overview: Driving Without a Valid License in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2014 | Firm News |


The Minnesota Department of Public Safety reports that about one out of every eight drivers in the state lacks valid driving privileges. Since 2008, there have been approximately 310,000 convictions for driving with an invalid, suspended, or revoked license, no license at all, violations of a learner’s permit.

How does this issue overlap with DWI cases?

  • Getting arrested for DWI is one common situation where authorities discover that an individual hasn’t been driving with valid privileges. Driving without a valid license (or any license at all) adds to the potential penalties you face if you’re in such a situation.
  • Under certain circumstances, an individual can face a year of license suspension if they refuse to take a chemical test following a DWI arrest.
  • Getting convicted of DWI also results in license-related penalties. For a first offense, for instance, you can face 90 days of license suspension, and if there are aggravating circumstances, you could be looking at 180 days without a license; aggravating circumstances include driving with a Blood Alcohol Content of .20 or more, or having a passenger under the age of 16 with you during a DWI incident. Additional DWI convictions can result in longer license suspensions or having your license cancelled altogether.

Sometimes, the people caught on the road without valid driving privileges have lost their privileges because of a DWI conviction. And yet, they may need to drive in order to get to work or run important errands such as buying food for their family. It’s possible to apply for a limited license, which permits people to drive to and from work and drug rehab, and for certain childcare and educational purposes. But there are wait times involved with applying for limited licenses.

Dealing with a DWI arrest will involve issues related to your license. You need the representation of an experienced Minneapolis DWI attorney who will advocate for your best interests. For instance, if you face license suspension for refusing a chemical test, your attorney will be able to determine if the circumstances of your arrest merited the use of a chemical test. Every detail matters when it comes to both DWI arrests and violations of driving privileges. Don’t hesitate to contact us for support.