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Don’t Provide a Cop a False Name And Then Try to Get Away – It’s a Crime!

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A man north of Minneapolis recently pled guilty to providing a false name to a police officer, a Gross Misdemeanor, and fleeing on foot, a misdemeanor. The man was under 21 years of age and attempting to use another person’s identification to enter a bar. A police officer who was working door noted inconsistencies between the photo on the identification and the man. The officer asked the man his name. The man initially stated that his name was that listed on the identification, but later partially gave the officer his real name. However, the man then tried to run from the officer, as well as the officers that he ran into and subsequently took the man into custody.

In Minnesota, providing a false name to a police officer is a Gross Misdemeanor carrying a penalty of up to one year in jail and or a fine of up to $3,000. In addition, fleeing the police on foot can be charged as obstructing legal process and can be charged as a felony carrying a sentence of up to five years in prison and or a fine of up to $10,000.

While trying to get into a bar with your friends while underage seems harmless enough, it can easily spiral into a situation carrying serious criminal charges and consequences.

What does this mean for me?

If you have been or expect to be charged for providing a false name and or obstructing legal process, It is in your best interest to contact an experienced Criminal Defense attorney for a free consultation.