Pre-Charge Representation

Preemptive & Proactive Defense

Book-and-pen-iStock_000001967493XSmall[1]Have you been contacted by the police? Do you expect to be contacted by the police? Do you have reason to believe that you will be facing criminal charges in Minnesota? If so, don’t wait or merely hope for the best! Many people do not fully understand the devastation and traumatic consequences that can come with a criminal conviction.

With a permanent mark on your criminal record, you may not be able to secure a loan, mortgage, employment, or even educational opportunities. The law has harsh penalties and unforgiving consequences for criminal offenders, which is why it’s imperative that you avoid a criminal conviction at all costs.

Do you need pre-charge representation in Minneapolis?

Consult with Attorney Martin about your criminal case. Discuss the details of your situation over a free consultation!

Looking for an attorney for pre-charge representation in Minneapolis?

Serious criminal charges are often a result of lengthy investigations of suspicious criminal activity. We may be able to meet with the district attorney and negotiate a plea bargain before the charges are even filed. It is vital that you understand your situation and exercise your rights before and throughout your criminal proceedings. Criminal defense matters will not wait for you. You must act fast! Law enforcement officials and criminal justice agencies work hard every day in Minnesota to arrest, charge, convict, and punish. They are not in the business to protect your best interests or give you the benefit of the doubt, which is why you must obtain an assertive advocate to fight this battle on your behalf.

Fighting to Avoid Criminal Charges

Need a criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis? Take control over your situation by securing an attorney from the firm. Allow us to formulate an impenetrable defense and tactical strategy so we have the upper hand from the very start. You’ll be informed about all the laws that pertain to your situation and will be a vital part of the process, always informed of new developments. With an attorney from the Martin Law Offices, we will do everything in our power to turn your objective into a reality. Pre-charge representation can level the playing field and give you a jump start in actively defending against criminal charges. With a hard-hitting attorney by your side you can rest assured that your future rests in competent and capable hands.

You may be asking, “Should I wait until I am charged?” The answer is definitely, NO! It is also important to remember that you have the right to remain silent. Speaking with law enforcement officials may only make things worse and your statement may end up incriminating you later on.

If you are investigated, you have the right to:

1. Refuse to speak with the police or investigators
2. Request an attorney to be present when speaking with police
3. Consult with an experienced lawyer
4. Have an attorney speak with police or investigators
5. Enforce your Constitutional rights

Assertive Allies – Fighting for You!

Are you searching for a criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis? If you believe you’re under investigation by any Minnesota law enforcement agencies or are already charged with a crime, you’ll need an experienced lawyer who will explain the legal process to you and advocate for your rights every step of the way. Being proactive upon notice of a criminal investigation could result in charges not being filed, a reduction of initial charges, a dismissal of the charges, or an extended time period to prepare a defense or conduct an investigation. Martin Law Offices will work with prosecutors, police officers, homicide detectives, and other law enforcement personnel to try and avoid charges being filed against you.

Don’t waste another minute, when dealing with criminal accusations time is of the essence! These allegations are nothing to be taken lightly and every precautionary measure should be taken to evade criminal charges or a conviction. The Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer from the firm will give you the individual time, attention, and effort it takes to effectively clear your name and help get you back to living your life. Contact the firm today to obtain pre-charge representation.