No Proof of Insurance in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Traffic Ticket Attorney

Minnesota state law requires that all drivers and vehicles are able to provide sufficient proof of insurance. Law enforcement officers are obligated to issue a citation for no proof of insurance when a driver is unable to provide acceptable proof of insurance for himself, the vehicle under the driver’s operation, or both. If a citation is issued, the driver may provide proof of insurance to the court on the court date indicated on the ticket, or any time before that. Acceptable forms of proof of insurance include a copy of the insurance card for driver or vehicle, or the insurance policy itself which would indicate dates of coverage.

Defending Your Case in Court

Martin Law Offices is focused on providing quality representation to those who have been issued a citation for no proof of insurance, and may be able to help minimize penalties, if not eliminate them completely. It is extremely important to have adequate proof of insurance in Minnesota. If a driver has none, significant penalties could be imposed on those found guilty. If you have been issued a citation for no proof of insurance, speak with a Minneapolis criminal attorney at your earliest convenience to discuss your strategy for a great defense.

Failure to provide proper proof of insurance, or failure to have insurance on a motor vehicle is a serious traffic violation in the eyes of the law because it poses danger in terms of unnecessary potential financial hardship that a driver must be forced to bear because the other driver did not have insurance to cover costs for repair or injury. If a driver fails to provide proof of insurance for himself or a the vehicle being operated, penalties of up to 90 days in jail can be imposed, as well as fines up to $1,000. A simple guilty plea can result in license revocation for a period of 30 days or more, and more than three offenses in a ten year span could mean up to a full year in jail and fines approaching $3,000. These penalties are severe, but they get worse if there are multiple offenses.

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