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Defending Speeding Tickets in Minneapolis

Traffic violations are on the rise in Minnesota. With more and more drivers operating vehicles at excessive speeds, law enforcement has begun cracking down on speeders in attempt to make the roads safer. While most speeding tickets are issued to offenses under 100 miles per hour, a statistically significant number of drivers have been issued tickets for going much, much faster. This type of behavior is considered to be reckless, and the need to penalize these drivers is growing by the day.

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People speed for a wide variety of reasons. Most often, drivers speed because they are late for an appointment or work. These violations generate the majority of citations, and although the speeds do not begin to approach the worst offenders, they are still considered dangerous and are subject to penalty under the law. Also common are those people who simply enjoy speeding, and consistently push the envelope with law enforcement. Less common are those who seek to operate a motor vehicle at tremendous speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour, or much more. Attorney Martin is a Minneapolis criminal lawyer who understands Minnesota law, and will fight to see your charges minimized or even dropped.

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While the penalty for speeding varies according to speed and location of the offense, there can be other devastating side effects to a speeding violation. Steep financial penalties are levied, points are lost on drivers licenses which can lead to higher insurance premiums, and license revocation is even possible which can make it very difficult to meet job requirements or fulfill personal obligations without dependable transportation. Perhaps most importantly, a law enforcement officer who pulls over your vehicle for speeding may then find additional cause for suspicion of DUI or any other crime.

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