Minneapolis Rape Attorney

Charged with rape in Minneapolis?

Rape is one of the most serious sex crimes and is prosecuted very vigorously. A conviction of rape leads to very devastating consequences and is taken very seriously by local and federal law enforcement and investigators. Sometimes people are wrongly accused or there are factors unknown by the police, but with enough probable cause or accusation, one can still be accused and arrested on a rape charge. Regardless of factors such as statutory rape when the “victim” was a minor unable to legally consent, some of the consequences of a rape conviction are as follows:

  • Incarceration in federal prison
  • Requirement to pay very large fees and fines
  • Probation and/or community service
  • Restitution
  • Very negative marks on your legal record, making it difficult to find a job or residence in certain fields and areas, such as a school or near a playground.
  • Mandatory registry as a sex offender for the rest of your lifetime

Rape Defense Lawyer in Minneapolis

Knowing how seriously these kinds of charges are taken, it is important to obtain the services of an experienced Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer who is knowledgeable in the legal matters of sex crimes, such as rape. The firm thoroughly understands the accusation alone of rape, or any other serious sex crime, can be enough to negatively affect a person’s professional career and personal life. There is huge pressure to obtain the most positive result possible for clients facing these kinds of charges.

The attorney from the Martin Law Offices will fight aggressively for your legal rights and your future freedom and reputation. He will provide you with zealous legal representation so that your chances of a positive outcome are much higher. Part of what the attorney will do is educating you on your rights and the laws, so that you are aware of how the legal process works. It is to your benefit that you contact a lawyer before you speak to any law enforcement officer or investigator.

If you are facing rape allegations, contact a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney today.