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Defending against Possession Charges in Minneapolis

While marijuana remains the most commonly used and readily available drug in Minnesota. Club drugs and illicit pharmaceuticals are also at the top of the list when an individual is charged with possession. Minnesota boasts a law enforcement agency skilled in seizing and arresting individuals on illegal drug or alcohol possession. As of April 16, 2007, there were 40 drug courts in existence or being planned in Minnesota. Illegal drug or alcohol possession in our state is serious business. You deserve the best possible defense if you are faced with a Possessions charge. Need an attorney for drug possession in Minneapolis? A Minneapolis criminal defense attorney from Martin Law Offices is the right choice in handling your possession charge.

Drug Possession Attorney in Minneapolis

When you add the charge of DWI and possession, you are faced with even heavier fines and stiffer penalties. The Minnesota alcohol purchase, possession, or consumption law reads as follows:

“A person under age 21 who is found guilty of a violation of state law or local ordinance relating to illegal consumption, possession, purchase or receipt of alcohol, regardless of whether a vehicle was involved, faces the following penalties:

  • Suspension of driver’s license for up to 90 days.
  • Payment of a $100 fine.
  • Community service and alcohol screening may be required.”

Possession of alcohol or drugs is a serious matter which requires the most qualified attorney to defend you. A charge of possession may or may not be combined with a sales or distribution charge. Attorney Martin is highly skilled in the drug crime defense. He knows what questions to ask, such as:

  • Did the arresting officer have reasonable suspicion when stopping your vehicle or persons?
  • Was the item(s) in question on your persons or in the trunk of a vehicle?
  • What degree of drug, and in what amount, was involved?

Looking for a lawyer for your drug possession case in Minneapolis?

Extensive study of drug and alcohol-related laws combined with years of criminal justice system experience are of great benefit to you if you want to defend your individual rights in a drug possession case. He will immediately review the evidence against you to determine the best defense strategy to employ to fight the charge. Attorney Martin offers a free initial consultation and makes it possible for his clients to get in touch with him twenty four hours a day, including weekends.

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