Minneapolis DWI Penalties

DWI Attorney in Minneapolis

It is a crime to drive, operate, or be in control of any motor vehicle anywhere in the state when:

  • Under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance
  • Having a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of .08 or higher
  • Having any amount of a Schedule I or II controlled substance, other than marijuana, in the body
  • If the vehicle is a commercial motor vehicle, having an alcohol concentration of .04 or more at the time or within two hours of doing so
  • Refuse to submit to a chemical test of the individual’s blood, breath, or urine under Minnesota
  • Statutes, section 169A.52 (implied consent law).

Minneapolis DWI Lawyer Helping You Evade Serious Penalties

The penalties imposed by the court will depend on whether it is a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor or felony DWI charge. How the case is addressed by a defense lawyer is a critical point if you are hoping to avoid conviction. Depending on driving record, prior convictions or arrests, DWI or DUI penalties can include:

  • License suspension and loss of driving privileges
  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Court ordered treatment
  • Community service requirements
  • Administrative license revocation (ALR)
  • Administrative license plate impoundment
  • Administrative vehicle forfeiture

There are questions that should be answered early in the defense of your case to help resolve the issue of what action your Minneapolis DWI lawyer will take. Did the arresting officer base the arrest on probable cause, or did you agree to the DWI screening test? The answer to this question and many others will influence what penalties will be sought by the prosecuting attorney. You need the highest quality criminal defense when faced with any DUI charge. The firm is prepared to evaluate your situation and determine how to move forward and fight to avoid serious and long-lasting negative consequences of a conviction.

Contact a Minneapolis DWI attorney from the firm to evaluate your case and help you fight to avoid penalties.