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Charged with distribution in Minneapolis?

For distribution of a small amount of marijuana (42.5 grams or less) and is considered a petty misdemeanor and the penalty can be a fine of up to $200 and usually will include court-ordered drug education. Subsequent offenses escalate to stiffer penalties and jail or prison sentences. An individual facing drug distribution charges in Minneapolis needs the best possible criminal defense. Need a lawyer for a drug distribution charge in Minneapolis? Attorney Martin, a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer from the Martin Law Offices understands Minnesota law, your rights, and how to defend against these serious charges.

Drug Distribution Defense Attorney in Minneapolis

The charges filed will vary in severity based upon the following contributing factors:

  • A minor was involved in the commission of the drug distribution crime
  • A vehicle was involved in the commission of the drug distribution crime
  • The drug distribution crime took place near a park, school, or drug treatment facility
  • Was it on federal land or include federal violations.
  • Was there a crossing of state lines during the commission of a crime?

Need an attorney for drug distribution in Minneapolis, MN?

The firm has extensive trial experience to bring to the table in defending against drug distribution charges. He will use knowledge, skill, and insight when presenting your case and will aggressively defend you against charges in court.

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