Minneapolis Burglary Attorney

Defending Charges of Burglary in Minneapolis

shutterstock_10542853[1]Burglary is a serious theft crime that occurs when a person enters a building without authorization from the owner, with intent to commit a crime, or having committed a crime such as theft, assault, kidnapping, rape, murder or others. Unlawfully trespassing into homes or other dwellings, places of business, automobiles, fenced-in lots or anything similar in terms of structure or ownership will constitute burglary, and in many cases a crime only need be intended, and not necessarily committed. Those can pose a problem for trespassers who are caught on private property without authorization from the property owner, even if there was no ill intent. In these situations, it is smart to consult a Minneapolis criminal lawyer with Martin Law Offices about your situation so that he can begin building a strong case in your defense.

Accused of burglary?

The penalties for burglary range from serious to disastrous for those convicted. There are varying degrees of burglary, depending on a variety of important factors. Fourth degree burglary occurs when a person unlawfully enters a building with intent to commit a misdemeanor, excluding stealing. The sentence for this charge can include up to one year in prison as well as fines not exceeding $3,000. Third degree burglary is similar, but the offender must commit or intend to commit a serious misdemeanor or felony, which is punishable by up to five years in prison as well as fines up to $10,000.

Second degree burglary is similar, but the building that the entered illegally must be a dwelling, businesses like banks, pharmacies, churches or schools. Additionally, second degree status is also acquired if a special tool is used to gain access to valuable items or money. This type of burglary requires prison sentences up to ten years and fines not exceeding $20,000. The most serious is first degree burglary, and it occurs when the offender enters into a dwelling where another person is present, enters into a dwelling with a dangerous weapon, or physically assaults a person on the premises. Attorney Martin is a hard-working, dedicated professional who knows Minnesota law and can build a strong case in your defense. Contact us today!