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Felony vs. Misdemeanor

shutterstock_9462871-prisonfence[1]Searching for a lawyer for a felony charge in Minneapolis or greater Minnesota? In Minnesota, a felony offense is defined by the sentence one receives when convicted. These sentences start at a minimum of a year and one day and can run up to a lifetime in prison. This is very different from the time served for gross misdemeanors or misdemeanors, which is normally up to 90 days in jail and no longer than a year maximum. Felony cases often have large fines associated with them as well, while lesser crimes have a small fine or no fine whatsoever.

Not only will being convicted for a felony affect your freedom and possibly your financial situation, it will affect your permanent record and your reputation. Having a conviction on your record will affect your personal and family relationships, as well as preventing you from holding certain jobs and or professional licenses. It also can get in the way of your ability to vote, bear arms and even find housing. If you are facing felony charges of any sort, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney at Martin Law Offices.

Charged with a felony offense in Minneapolis or greater Minnesota?

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Types of Felony Charges

Looking for an experienced attorney for a felony crime case in Minneapolis? If you have been charged with, or are suspected of a felony offense, it is imperative that you understand all the relevant laws and how the prosecution operates. Your rights are important and should be protected, and you deserve a fair trial under the law, no matter what offense you are being charged with. Some of the common felony offenses in Minnesota are as follows:

Minneapolis Felony Charges

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