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Domestic Violence Charges in Minneapolis

KS11854-630x945-cuffs[2]Have you been falsely accused of domestic violence in Minneapolis? Looking for a lawyer for your domestic violence case in Minneapolis? Domestic violence takes a toll on not only the victim, but everyone involved as well. It is commonly defined as the use of threats of intimidation and physical, mental, and emotional abuse.

It can also include:

  • Kidnapping
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Threats of violence

A household which is involved in domestic violence is a space filled with intimidation and fear. It is not a safe place to live. There are many complications and legal issues that arise when an individual steps forward as a victim of domestic violence.

Accused of domestic violence or abuse in Minneapolis?

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Searching for a lawyer for your domestic violence case in Minneapolis?

Having a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney at your side when faced with a domestic violence charge is very important. There are five degrees of domestic violence. They involve different levels of abuse and the consequences for each are not of the same severity.

Examples of the issues that can arise are as follows:

  • Restraining orders (Also known as “No contact” orders)
  • Order for protection (OFP) or civil protection order
  • Many other similar complications

Defending Accusations of Domestic Violence

An individual who is being accused of domestic violence may be banned from their own residence or communicating or being in contact with their family, spouses, or children. It is vital that you get in contact with a lawyer right away when you have been charged or suspect you will be charged with a domestic violence offense. It is also important that you do not make a statement or speak with law enforcement officers before you have spoken with an attorney. You can exercise your right to remain silent, and remember that anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. Remember that if you are convicted, it will not only be a permanent mark on your record, but you may have to serve time in jail and/or pay a large fee.

Need a domestic violence attorney in Minneapolis?

The attorney at the Martin Law Offices understands how emotionally stressful this situation can be. His goal is to ensure all evidence is correctly gathered and his clients’ rights are protected. He wants to make sure each case is given efficient and dedicated legal representation, resulting in a positive outcome. If you would like an effective and experienced defender on your side, contact a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer immediately.