Charged with Third Degree DWI in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis DWI Attorney

Looking for a lawyer for a third degree DWI charge in Minneapolis? If you have a current charge of DUI or if you have one prior alcohol-related incident or DUI conviction in the past 10 years and test over .08% blood alcohol content (BAC), you will likely be charged with third degree DWI. Another reason that you would incur the charges for a third degree DWI is if you were charged with a first time DWI offense, but had one of the following aggravating factors present:

  • A child in your automobile with you
  • A refusal to submit to a test
  • Testing .2% or more
  • Going through railroad track stop arms
  • Being involved in an automobile accident where injuries were inflicted or even resulted in death

Penalties for Third Degree DWI in Minnesota

Such an offense is considered to be a gross misdemeanor and is punished very severely. Having a Minneapolis DWI attorney to represent you gives you the best chances for a positive outcome of your case. A third degree DWI can be punished by a fine up to $3,000, a year in jail, and even the confiscation of license plates and the cancellation of one’s driver’s license. In addition those criminal penalties, an individual may be subject to probation and/or alcohol counseling. One of the conditions to being found guilty of such an offense is alcohol evaluation, which takes into account the person’s size, weight, and how much alcohol they had consumed.

Facing third degree DWI charges in Minneapolis?

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Third Degree DWI Charges

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