Charged with Hit and Run in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis Criminal Attorney

In the event of any accident involving a motor vehicle, all drivers involved are required by law to remain at the scene where they should exchange important information, with each other or an officer of the law, such as name, address, registration and insurance information. When a driver is involved in an accident and chooses to leave the scene, the criminal charge of hit and run may be issued against the offender as a Misdemeanor.

While hit and run is a serious crime and prosecution can carry disastrous consequences, the act of leaving is something most everyone can understand. The moments during and after a vehicle accident are chaotic, traumatic and confusing, and people are prone to running from situations like that. In the case of an accident, however, drivers are required by law to remain at the scene to avoid facing hit and run charges. Attorney Matthew Martin is an experienced Minneapolis criminal lawyer who is dedicated to providing a strong defense for those accused of hit and run who want to tell their side of the story.

Hit and Run Defense in Minneapolis

The penalty for hit and run in Minnesota can be quite severe, depending in large part on the circumstances of the crime, and the severity of injuries sustained by the victim, or victims and the related property. Accidents that result in temporary injury such as broken bones can mean thousands in fines in addition to up to one year in prison. If permanent injuries are sustained by the victim such as a disability, loss of an organ or limb, or permanent disfigurement, the offender can expect to face up to $4,000 in fines, and up to two years in prison. If the victim in an accident dies, however, fines approaching $5,000 may be imposed in addition to up to three years in prison.  See Minnesota Statute 169.09 Collisions for more information.

Contact a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney immediately if you or a loved one has been accused of hit & run or leaving the scene.