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Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Bribery

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Networking, building relationships and helping colleagues or business partners is a part of any career, but Minneapolis residents might need to know about certain lines that cannot legally be crossed. Bribery is a white-collar crime that may involve the exchange of something of value to get a specific action from a person with legal or public power. Here is what you could need to know about bribery in Minnesota.

Defining Bribery

The Legal Information Institute explains that bribery generally means that what should be an objective decision is instead influenced by the interests of another party. There must be a “quid pro quo” relationship where the decision maker alters behavior for a gift so that both parties may benefit. Consider these examples:

  • Donating money to a candidate’s political campaign

This does not require something specific in exchange and is not a direct enough relationship. This is not a bribe.

  • Giving money to a witness to testify a certain way in a trial

One’s duty to answer truthfully is altered and the witness and the solicitor both benefit. This is a bribe.

Potential Consequences

Even an offer or promise is enough to constitute bribery, and the consequences under Minnesota law could include a fine of up to $20,000 and ten years in prison. If suspected of making or accepting a bribe, a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer could defend and clear your name or mitigate severe consequences depending on the circumstances.

Other consequences for bribery could result in one forfeiting a public office and being disqualified from ever holding public office in Minnesota. To learn more information about bribery or building a defense against a white-collar crime, contact us today.