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Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Understands Fourth Amendment Protections

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2015 | Firm News |

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution gives citizens specific rights regarding personal privacy. These protections include some that prohibit law enforcement officers from searching a person or a person’s property without a warrant, consent, or probable cause. There are some instances in which a person might be able to use the violation of a Fourth Amendment right as a basis for criminal defense.

Anyone who has been arrested based on a search that might be illegal should enlist the help of a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer to determine if their Fourth Amendment rights were violated. A violation of your Fourth Amendment rights would occur if you didn’t give the officer consent to search, the officer didn’t have a search warrant, and there wasn’t probable cause to conduct the search.

The Fourth Amendment does provide some instances in which law enforcement officers can conduct a search without consent or a warrant. It is possible for the officers to conduct a search in connection with a lawful arrest. The officers can also conduct a search if they feel they are in danger. For example, an officer can do a pat down during a traffic stop to check for weapons.

It isn’t acceptable for law enforcement officers to conduct a search for no reason. The officers can’t execute an arrest simply for the purpose of doing a search on someone. If either of those circumstances occur, it might be possible to have the charges dismissed based on the violation of the Fourth Amendment.

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