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Minneapolis DWI Attorney Fast Approaching New DWI Laws

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2015 | Firm News |

People in Minnesota have had various reactions to the announcement that DWI laws will be changing soon in August. Under the new rules, someone with a blood alcohol concentration of .16 percent can be charged with a gross misdemeanor DWI and could face harsher penalties than before. News station KVRR collected multiple opinions about the upcoming changes.

Police Perspective

A police officer told the station that change is needed because drinking and driving is a big problem in Minnesota. Officers arrested more than 25,000 people in the state in 2013, and 387 people died in 2013 as a result of alcohol impaired driving.

An Attorney’s Point Of View

Not everyone thinks the new DWI laws are a good idea as one attorney commented to KVRR that more severe consequences might not be the best approach to combating drunk driving and suggested encouraging the use of public transportation for intoxicated individuals instead.

One Citizen’s Opinion

The former owner of a bar told a reporter that she agreed with law enforcement officials and thought strict penalties were needed as she frequently saw people attempting to drive when they should have found alternative forms of transportation. She also said people often thought they were fine to drive when this was not actually the case.

Our Advice

Many people who get accused of DWI are not trying to break the law or act maliciously, but you might believe you are alright to drive despite having a higher BAC than realized. When situations like this arise and you are pulled over, refrain from trying to talk your way out of a situation or admitting you have had a few drinks. While one must submit to breath testing when asked or face a license suspension, you have the right to ask for a Minneapolis DWI Attorney.

If accused of a DWI, you could mitigate negative consequences by contacting us as soon as possible. You should not have to face fines or jail time because of a mistake or false accusation.