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Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains Expungement

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2015 | Firm News |

A criminal conviction is a serious matter. A desperate decision, hastily made, can affect your life for years later. Convicted felons have difficulty finding honest work once they’re released from prison, difficulty finding a place to live, and until probation is successfully completed, felons in Minnesota forfeit the right to vote.  Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer Matthew Martin can help you get your record expunged under the new law that took effect January 1, 2015.

Many employers won’t hire ex-cons. Many landlords won’t rent to them. If a former felon has paid his debt to society and is trying to go straight, what’s he to do?

The new expungement law does not affect all criminal cases. However,a full expungement, sealing both court records and executive branch records, may be granted to juvenile delinquency records. For adult offenders, an expungement may be granted under certain circumstances. If the case was resolved in the individual’s favor, either by acquittal or dismissal, an expungement is possible. If the individual stays crime free for a year after the completion of sentence and the case resulted in a stay of adjudication or diversion, an expungement is possible. For a petty misdemeanor conviction, an expungement is possible if the individual goes straight and stays straight for two years.  For a gross misdemeanors conviction, the individual must go straight and stay straight for four years. Only some felons are eligible, and they must remain crime free for five years. The ex-con must be able to prove to the judge that there is no danger to the public safety if the request for expungement is granted.

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