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Under Investigation For A Felony? You Need A Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2015 | Firm News |

Crimes of violence, charged as felonies, occur every day in every part of the world. What makes today different is that the police suspect you committed this violent crime. They are gathering evidence and bringing their case to the prosecutor who will likely decide to prosecute. You need a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer before the prosecutor brings charges against you.


Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law works only in the court. The police and prosecutors look at the evidence. If it points at you, then the prosecutor will charge and prosecute you for the crime when they believe there is enough evidence to convince a jury. This does not mean you are guilty, but it does mean they believe you are guilty and will do their best to convince a jury that is the truth.


The work of a defense lawyer begins before there is a trial. In some cases it begins before there is an arrest. If there are any unexplored circumstances that alibi you, a defense attorney will point these out to the prosecutor. This alone may stop an investigation or charges being brought.


If the case proceeds to trial, then it is the criminal attorney who will work to convince the jury there is a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. The job of the prosecutor is to convince the jury every piece of evidence points only to you. The attorney will show the jury that the prosecutor’s case is not air-tight. He will explain the physical evidence and witness testimony and show the jury the holes in the prosecutor’s case.


The best offense is a great defense. Please contact us today if you are facing a felony investigation or have already been arrested for a crime.