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Holiday weekends often end with a phone call to a Minneapolis DWI Lawyer

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2014 | Firm News |

Memorial Day weekend is a time for camping, barbecue, swimming, boating, fishing and even a little drinking. All those things we Minnesotans love to do. These days a holiday weekend also means that there will be a greater police presence.

Many people won’t dare to venture out on a holiday weekend. An expectation of slower than average traffic and increased law enforcement, keep them off the roads. Traffic is a nuisance, but getting stopped by police is a scary experience, whether you have been drinking or not.  Police claim they don’t want to frighten us, but keeping people off the roads is exactly what law enforcement are hoping for. The presence of authority is meant to be a deterrent to those who would otherwise get behind the wheel after drinking. It’s always going to be better to keep that party going while safely in our homes.

In Minnesota, it was reported this week that 425 people were arrested for DWI over the Memorial Day weekend. The people charged with DWI not only ruined their weekend, but now without the right guidance could potentially ruin their life.

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