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Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney Is Essential to Understand the Legal Process

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What happens during the initial stages of being charged with a crime could impact the rest of a person’s life. It can be a moment of intense stress and confusion. This is the time when seeking the guidance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer is most important. Too many people make the mistake of speaking with an investigator too quickly. They falsely believe this will resolve the situation. In many cases it can actually make things worse. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help a person know their rights. They can also help someone understand their situation and prepare for the process. The authorities are under no obligation to provide this type of information.

According to anarticle in Defense Investigator Magazine, “The due process model demands a careful and informed consideration of the facts of each individual case. According to this model, law enforcement agents must recognize the rights of suspects during arrest, questioning, and handling…the primary mission of the due process model is to protect innocent people from wrongful conviction.”

Remain Silent

Most individuals arrested on criminal charges don’t have a legal background. They may not understand how the things they say can be recorded and used against them during a trial. Investigators are trained to interrogate people. They know how to get individuals to say what they want whether it’s the truth or not. Speaking with a criminal defense lawyer before speaking to investigators is essential. They will know what to tell the investigators and what doesn’t need to be said.

Understand the Facts

When people don’t know the law, they may not understand how the facts can put a case in their favor. A criminal defense attorney will know how the facts of a case can be interpreted. They will have the experience to know how a judge will perceive the incident. Knowing the facts can put the entire situation into proper perspective and provide an effective defense.

Don’t Plead Without Legal Advice

This is an essential part of the legal process. A criminal defense lawyer will be able to let a person know if pleading guilty is their best option. They will be able to work with the court to get the most acceptable deal for their client. Not having the proper legal advice can turn a bad situation into a tragic one.

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