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What is Pre-Charge Representation?

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Pre-charge representation is a proactive or preemptive form of defense. It is important to understand when you should seek counsel for pre-charge representation. The outcome of your case always depends on the circumstances surrounding your charges and the quality of your representation. When facing criminal charges, it is always the best plan of action to hire a reputable Minneapolis criminal defense attorney.

Times when pre-charge representation is necessary:

  • If you have been contacted by a police officer regarding a crime they feel you may be suspected of committing.
  • If you have reason to believe you have broken the law.
  • If your friends and family have been contacted by the police about a crime they suspect you have committed.

Once an arrest has been made, your options have been limited. This is why pre-charge representation may be a necessity in some cases. If you hire an attorney before your arrest, your attorney can inform you of the possible accusations and penalties you face. You can then make an educated decision about how you feel your lawyer should proceed. In some instances, your lawyer can contact the state prosecutor and discuss your options, thus avoiding arrest and/or possible jail time.

Your Constitutional rights must be maintained throughout a criminal investigation. If your lawyer is prepared for possible police investigation before you are charged, he or she will be able to speak with the police on your behalf and ensure your rights are respected during the investigation.

As always, your best line of defense against a formal criminal accusation is an attorney who focuses on criminal law. If you are facing criminal charges in the state of Minnesota, contact the expert attorneys with the Martin Law Offices as soon as possible. We are dedicated to fighting for justice on your behalf.