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South St. Paul Police Officer Pleads Guilty To DWI

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2013 | Firm News |


A Farmington man who works as a police officer in South St. Paul was recently pleaded guilty to careless driving and DWI.

This story shows that no one, not even a law enforcement officer, is immune to making mistakes when it comes to alcohol.

CBS Minnesota reports that the man was arrested in June after a Rosemount resident called 911 and reported that someone was driving around the neighborhood and was damaging mailboxes.

The man, whose age has not been given, has been a police officer with the South St. Paul force for 13 years. He was recently promoted to sergeant, according to CBS.

The man will be sentenced later this month. A formal charge of felony fleeing a police officer is also pending, because the man allegedly tried to avoid the officers who were trying to arrest him.

Stories like this do a good job of demonstrating for our Twin Cities readership why it is crucial to drink only in moderation when you have plans to drive. If you ever do have too much to drink, it is good idea to be safe rather than sorry and get a cab or arrange for a ride with friends.

As a Minneapolis DWI attorney, I help people from Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding communities move past their mistakes. I believe that everyone is capable of committing an error, and that no one should be crucified for being human.

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