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Police Still Looking For Alleged Drunk Driver In Woodbury

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2013 | Firm News |


In Minnesota, law enforcement authorities take drunk driving very seriously. As a criminal defense attorney who has helped Twin Cities clients face DWI charges, I can tell you that many people are surprised at the lengths police, state troopers and prosecutors will go to in order to punish those they suspect of having driven while intoxicated.

For example, on Sept. 30, the Minnesota State Patrol deployed a helicopter in an attempt to find a woman who is believed to have driven drunk.

The incident happened in Woodbury. Around 8 p.m., there was a single-vehicle crash on the Lake Road-Woodbury Drive roundabout. Witnesses said a woman got out of the car and fled on foot. She is said to have appeared to have been drunk.

The helicopter and several Woodbury Police squads were not able to find the woman, and she apparently still has yet to be located.

Now, this woman should not have fled the scene. If she did indeed get in a car accident and knew that police wanted to talk with her, then fleeing was an irresponsible decision on her part. It is much better to face up to one’s responsibilities with the assistance of legal counsel, if necessary. What I want this story to show you is that authorities are willing to go expend significant resources in order to catch apparent drunk drivers.

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