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1,556 Minnesotans Arrested In DWI Crackdown

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2013 | Firm News |


Earlier this month, some 1,500 Minnesotans were arrested as law enforcement agencies across the state colluded in a sting to catch allegedly intoxicated drivers.

Between Aug. 16 and Sept. 2, some 344 law enforcement agencies participated in a campaign called “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over,” according to CBS Minnesota. National Public Radio reported that those agencies arrested a total of 1,556 people on suspicion of DWI.

Counties in and around the Twin Cities area had the highest number of drivers arrested. One man in Woodbury allegedly had a blood-alcohol content of 0.4, which is five times the legal limit of 0.08.

There are multiple conclusions one could draw from this story, but one thing we see is that driving after having had a little too much to drink is a common mistake. We do not mean to make excuses for anyone, but obviously, if 1,556 people were arrested in just over two weeks, it’s hard to tell when you are okay to drive and when you should not.

As a Minneapolis DWI lawyer, I often help clients who make the honest mistake of getting behind the wheel without realizing that they have had one too many. People have no easy way of telling whether they’re over the limit, and so many of them end up in a situation they need help addressing.

If you are looking for an attorney in the Twin Cities to help you with a DWI charge, you’re welcome to contact me. I would be happy to review your case and help you identify steps to move forward.