Bench Warrants in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Bench Warrant Lawyer

shutterstock_88770106[1]A bench warrant is issued for violations of court orders / obligations. The original offense may not have been serious, but if an individual fails to meet the obligations of the judge, a bench warrant may be issued. If issued, your case now becomes a serious legal issue. An individual arrested on a bench warrant is allowed the same rights as an arrested person.

Violations of these rights may make a bench warrant or its consequences unlawful or inadmissible in a court. With fast action you could avoid being picked up and held in jail until a hearing about your case. Do you need a lawyer for your bench warrant in Minneapolis or greater Minnesota? A Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer will move forward at once to protect your rights and help you avoid being taken into custody.

Bench Warrants and Your Defense

A bench warrant can be issued by a judge in both civil and criminal cases. There is difference in civil and criminal offenses – a violent crime offense is more serious than failure to pay a fine. In either case, however, you can be picked up and put in jail when a bench warrant is outstanding.

Are you searching for an experienced defense lawyer for your criminal case in Minneapolis or greater Minnesota? The attorney from Martin Law Offices will immediately move forward to assist you to resolve the situation and get it under control. A full analysis of the legal problem and circumstances behind the issuance of the bench warrant should be initiated at once. If there has been an error, Mr. Martin can get it resolved discreetly to help you avoid the embarrassment of an arrest that could occur at any moment while the warrant is in effect.

In cases of a failure to appear for a hearing, something can be done to resolve the situation before you are arrested and put in jail awaiting a hearing. This can occur while you are at work, driving, at home or in any location, and is an extremely humiliating and embarrassing situation. It is vital that immediate action is taken to resolve the problem before it becomes more serious. Mr. Martin can help.

Looking for an attorney for your bench warrant in Minneapolis or greater Minnesota? Contact a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer if you have been arrested on a bench warrant or if you have discovered that there is a warrant with your name on it.
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